Red and Blue Goat with Trees. ca. 1911-12



At the beginning of 1900, the family home on Calle Mayor became “El Casino de Can Bestard”. The casno was a nerve center for political meetings, culture and entertainment. Music was listened to, poetry was read, politics were discussed. Guillem Bestard grew up surrounded by progressives, republicans, intellectuals, politicians and artists… In 1906, Bestard was in contact with the artistic and intellectual movement in Europe.

Painting study

After this forensic section, we can conclude that the painted animal is a goat; and more specifically, the image is reminiscent of the Alpine breed, which is usually brown (Plate 4.3.D photos B).
And now it is worth asking if Franz Marc who painted all kinds of animals;


Experte verzweifelt gesucht – Mallorca Zeitung 51/2017

El increible descubrimiento de una obra millonaria de Franz Marc en Mallorca
Articulo nº 1/5. Por Carlos Jover en OKdiario. 13/10/2022

Artista investigador mallorquin adquirio obra Franz Marc sin saberlo
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Así fueron los estudios de comprobación y determinación de la millonaria obra de Franz Marc
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La investigación confirma que la obra descubierta fue realizada por Franz Marc entre 1910 y 1912
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Alemania da por cerrado el catálogo de obras de Franz Marc y no quiere aceptar la descubierta en Mallorca
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Final conclusions

The relationship of the multiple similarities and the calculations on the compatibilities between the studied work, Red and blue Goat between trees, and the pictorial work of Franz Marc show that the probability that this does not happen and that the many similarities found are by chance, is a figure of an astronomical order of magnitude.
The results of this study demonstrate, a clear and undoubted confirmation of the initial